CICA, International Craft Beer Competition

CICA, the quality Competition for Craft Beers, promoted by independent entities and more interested in the likes of consumers than in those with related interests.

Organized by Alamesa and sponsored by the Spanish Association of Beverage Contests (ASECONBE), CICA is the only independent competition held in Spain and its main objective is to value the quality of craft beers.

The II Edition of the International Craft Beer Contest (CICA) took place on 14 and 15 June 2017, and was a great success regarding both the number of participating breweries and the quality of the registered samples. Once again, this Competition serves as a platform for disseminating the quality and diversity of beers that are made and consumed all over the world. The III Edition will take place on 26 September, 2018.

CICA aims to recognize traditions and innovations shared by the entire manufacturing industry, while highlighting those unique customs of each of the participating countries and regions. In addition, it brings notoriety and publicity to the winners, showing to the consumers the wide variety that exists.

The Contest also seeks to disseminate the culture of the consumption of craft beer as a healthy fermented drink and promotes its responsible consumption.

The International Craft Beer Contest has the support and recognition of the Spanish Association of Beverage Contests, that will supervise the development of the Contest and will approve the members that will be part of the Tasting Committee, proven connoisseurs and recommenders of craft beers.

Do not hesitate to participate! Distinguish your beer by its accredited quality and compete for a CICA medal.

The value of the free opinion of the most accredited experts.

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