Participate in the International Craft Beer Competition 2019

Registration CICA 2019

Register your craft beers for the CICA 2019 Competition. Fill in all the data related to the brewery and the presented samples. If you have any question about how to complete the fields, contact
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  • Samples description

  • Please enter a value between 1 and 100.
  • Add more samples

    If you want to add more samples, click on the following [+] button. If you want to delete the data for any of the registered samples, click on the [-] button
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  • Samples confirmation and payment

    Confirm the registered samples and check the total registration fee. Do not forget to accept the Regulation and the Data Verification.
  • Select the number of samples that you have registered for the Competition. Once the Form has been sent, a confirmation email will be sent with the details of the bank account in which you have to make the transfer in order to formalize the registration. Remember that if you register the samples from Spain, the fee will be increased by the corresponding VAT (21%).
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