CICA 2020

The International Craft Beer Competition 2020 extends the registration period for its V Edition until September 24

Alamesa, Wine & Beer Action Marketing convenes the fifth edition of CICA AWARDS 2020, International Craft Beer Competition. Final Tastings will take place on September in Madrid.

The CICA 2020 AWARDS have an international character, and include beers made under artisanal procedures. To the call of the Contest may participate natural and legal persons, associations and entities, which are producers of craft beer.

The tastings of the Contest will be held through the blind tasting system, and will take place on September in Madrid. The Jury will be composed of professionals of high technical ability, Experts in Sensory Analysis of Beers, Brewers Masters, Sommeliers or Journalists. BJCP or similar certification or demonstrable homologation will be required for this. The people who demonstrate a High Qualification in the brewery field can also be incorporated to the Jury by the Organization.

CICA 2020 will grant Grand Gold, Gold and Silver medals to the beers best valued by the judges, as well as distinctions to the best beers presented in each category, and Special Awards for the Best Beer and the Best Brewery of the Contest, for the most valued of those breweries that submit 3 or more samples to the Contest.

To participate in CICA 2020 and be awarded not only supposes the prestige of the quality of the beers being recognized by experts of the sector, and to be able to wear the medal that accredit it. The Organization of the Competition has prepared different actions and campaigns to publicize the best beers of the Contest, such as:

  • Appearance in the media, thanks to an important diffusion campaign.
  • Participation in a BirroQuedada, to be held after the tastings of the Contest, which can be attended by beer fans to know well the best valued references of CICA 2020.
  • Attendance in Fairs, Presentations and other events, aimed to disclosing the quality of beers among professionals of distribution and trade.
  • Presentation in different Professional Fairs of Asia, so that the breweries that wish it may be taken into account by distributors, marketers and importers of the Asian market.

Due to the current great diversity in terms of elaborated styles, CICA 2020 has an extensive list of varieties admitted to the Contest, so that practically any craft beer can participate in it. Therefore, in this edition we extend the Competition to a total of 17 Categories and 72 Subcategories.

Check here the full list of accepted Categories


Registration fee: € 75 for the first sample, € 50 for the second and € 25 for the third sample and successive inscribed by the same brewery. These amounts will be increased with the corresponding VAT (21%) in the registrations of breweries based in Spain.

Registration deadline: until 2:00 pm on September 24, 2020

Days and place of celebration of the tastings: between September 29 and October 2, Madrid

Deadline for sending samples: Form September 1 to 24, 2020

Address for sending samples:


Plaza de Almagro, 1

28770 Colmenar Viejo – Madrid (Spain)

CIF: B84080308


Registration in CICA 2020 can be done in two ways:

– Download and complete the Registration Form, and send it to the Organization of the Contest together with the proof of payment of the registration fee, by email ( or together with the samples sent to the Contest.

Download Registration Form

– In a telematic way, completing the following online form:


Once the registration in CICA 2020 has been formalized, you must send the registered samples for the tastings. You can do it from September 1 to 24, 2020, by sending them to the Contest venue:


Plaza de Almagro, 1

28770 Colmenar Viejo – Madrid (Spain)

The bottles or cans should be sent to the Contest in its commercial container, with the standard label usually used.

Pack your beers in order to resist the transportation and manipulation during shipment. The Competition is not responsible for shipments. The Organization will contact breweries in case that broken bottles are received. Choose the kind of packaging that ensures that your beers keep the best possible conditions. Many breweries include cold compresses in their shipments. Follow the next suggestions:

– Place all the bottles upright in the shipping container. All the bottles must be placed in the same direction (the can lids facing up), wrapped in bubble wrap. Use your standard carrier to help keep bottles safe.

– Fill the shipping container with the packing materials.

– Wrap the original box in a plastic bag in order to avoid possible leaks, and then place the box in a sturdy box. Fill the box with more protective material for the shipment.

– If you are sending more than one brand or box, be sure to keep the samples of each brand in the same box. Do not send bottles of the same brand in separate boxes.

– Coolers and other special containers that are shipped with beers will not be returned. It should be noted that beers that arrive in specialized containers tend to better resist the rigors of transport.

The number of bottles / cans that must be sent for the Competition depends on the size of the bottle / can. Use the following guide:

Container volume                                  Botlles / cans to send

 200 ml (7 oz) to 322 ml (10,9 oz)


323 ml (11 oz) to 588 ml (19,9 oz)


589 ml (20 oz) or superior



Download the full Regulation for CICA 2020

Any question? Contact with the Organization of CICA:

Telephone: +34 912 938 930